New! Mold Stories

Amber in Omaha, NE

I moved into this house in July of this year (2014) on a friend's recommendation. It is next door and her husband is the maintenance man. Great deal! Zero deposit if I clean up after the last tenant. I got the first and second floor done before I had to be out of my other home, then I moved in. Then I began on the basement. I had noticed the storage room before, but there was no bulb in the socket. I put a bulb in and noticed that the socket didn't work right. I had to partially unscrew the bulb to get it to work and it instantly turned hot, but it worked long enough for me to see that half the walls were black. The top half of the walls were white and painted, but the bottom half of the wall paint had been eaten through by whatever black stuff is growing. There was a wooden bed frame in the room as well, completely covered in green mold.

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